About Me and My Quests

I am an average runner. My only claim to fame is that I have completed 33 marathons. I did my first in 1996, I was sick golf, drunken softball nights, and being 30 pounds overweight.

In the beginning I did Grandma’s Marathon in June and Twin Cities Marathon in October. It was a great way to stay in shape year round. After a few years I ran the Country Music Marathon in Nashville and the Cellcom Marathon in Green Bay—I did these about 5 times each. And I have done a few others like the Las Vegas and Dallas marathons.

I call it RunningQuests because the goals and the way I want to live will be filtered through my running. Writing my book, earning a certain income, building a strong relationships, meeting a good woman, completing marathons are my quests and running will be my personal workshop on how to achieve each one. I will write on the progress I’m making, maybe a few observations and reflections, and some training tips.

How we define a quest can be different between us. I see it as a difficult, challenging adventure that requires a change in your lifestyle. The quest should impact all areas of your life.

In 1995, the inaugural Antarctica Marathon made it possible for runners to complete a marathon on all seven continents of the world. Since then, over 390 men and women have completed this quest. I want to add my name to this list. There, I wrote it, I want to complete a ‘thon on all 7 continents. It’s out there now. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to write those few lines—my quest is to be a member of the ‘Seven Continents Club.’

Who’s with me? I’m going head long into this quest. Maybe we can form a membership? At the very least we can be a group of runners who are interested in great travel experiences. Imagine taking pictures of the Great Wall after running 26.2 miles on it or enjoying a pint of beer in Ireland after completing the Dublin Marathon or touring the outback after running a PR in Sidney. I’m open to the possibilities. I’m always ready to meet people with shared goals.

Follow me please on Instagram “Real runners, no models” as well as here. If you decide to come along for the ride you have a chance to witness success and transformation happen. I’ll be posting my writings and pictures, I’ll ask you for advice and comments and I’ll conduct a poll or two to find out what you’re thinking.